Project Management

Construction Project Management

Time, Quality, and Cost.  Managing a construction project requires vigilant control over these three factors.  The conventional wisdom says to pick the two you want to maintain, and hope for the best on the third.

Itís true that higher quality costs more and a less aggressive schedule can save money.  However, Richmond Sterling has developed expertise and processes in project management to ensure that you, the client, always know the state of the project and have the information you need when addressing issues that affect the quality, cost, or schedule of the construction.

Most construction projects go over budget simply because the owner forgets what the budget is.  Whatever project management systems they have do not properly address the impact of the 1,001 decisions they will make during construction.  Costs pile up, and the owner is surprised with a cost overrun two months after the end of construction.

You donít want that to happen to you.  Nor do you want the schedule or quality to slip.  The construction consultants at Richmond Sterling will give you the power to manage your project to your goals. Contact us today to learn how.

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